Grant4Com is part of the Eurofins Group and we are 17025 accredited test laboratory located in Oulu, Finland.

Our accredited scope for EMC / RF, Safety and IP testing can be found in FINAS T290.

We enable access to the market for electronic devices. Wheter you aim to sell products locally or go global, we guarantee the product fulfills all the standards and requirements set by the target market.

Our services

Accredited testing services

New products that wish to be brought into new markets require product authorization and certain certifications. We can provide you with worldwide regulatory approvals and certifications for different kinds of equipment and technologies.

Testing services

With a wide variety of test capabilities and laboratories we can support you from the project creation process to the end of life cycle. Our operation are accoring to quality management ISO17025

Expert services

The cooperation with our experienced test specialists minimise the customers risks and optimise the R&D operations.

We are a team of solution-oriented professionals who strive for constant development.

We offer customer bespeak and flexible testing solutions to support your product development.

We listen to our customer’s wishes and needs, therefore we are looking constantly to expand our services to meet those needs.

Our mission is to enable your innovations to reach the world.

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