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finals image EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited company for Noise measurements acc. ISO 3744 and ISO 11201.

grant4com certifications We can offer various solutions for certifications.

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Grant4Com is an accredited test house offering a comprehensive portfolio of testing and certification services. Our services includes accredited and Pre-Compliance EMC Testing, as well as Safety, Reliability, Audio and Market Access services.

Accreditations indicate that our laboratories meets the qualification requirements of testing and calibration laboratories as defined in SFS-EN ISO / IEC 17025. See the accreditation scope here T290.


Our long experience and innovation in product validation extends from complex mobile devices to wellbeing and smart IoT solutions to non-connected advanced material products. This makes us the perfect partner in product development all the way from the drawing board to the end of lifecycle. Our labs have helped numerous companies give birth to products used by millions around the world – join them and contact us for a tailored solution today!



Please don’t hesitate to contact us for consulting in topics related to product testing, certifications or approvals. We are looking forward to discuss more with you!