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Grant4Com is accredited test laboratory from Oulu, Finland (FINAS T290. Our operations are based on EN-ISO/IEC 17025 quality management system.

We enable access to the market for electronic devices. Wheter you aim to sell products locally or go global, we guarantee the product fulfills all the standards and requirements set by the target market. 

Expert services

Our specialists will help you resolve issues related to product testing, verification, and certification. Support of experts increases the cost-efficiency of product development.

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Product certification

Are you confused which requirements your product needs to comply with? Our Grant4Com specialists have several decades of R&D experience in different fields, and can help you achieve your desired outcomes through result-based optimisation consulting. The test and certification experts will define certification requirements, testing needs and documentation, based upon your device specifications and target markets!

Bluetooth SIG approval

Bluetooth is licensed technology and therefore, its appliance is not free. To use a Bluetooth-logo on a product requires a certification process maintained by BT SIG. This system ensures that manufacturer’s chosen solution is in line with requirements by BT SIG. In addition, manufacturer needs test results that works as a proof of the compliance. Grant4Com has the Scandinavian (ONLY) Bluetooth Qualification Consult (BQC) who is qualified to perform the certification process.

BQC will evaluate the tests needed and do the BT SIG listing for you. After the process you can freely use Bluetooth logo on your product and on commercial use for marketing your product.

Available Services:
Bluetooth project management
Planning and defining the qualification strategy
Qualification walkthrough
Creation of Test Plans
Plan test activities
Expert assistance with design changes
Checking declarations and documents against the qualification and testing requirements
Reviewing product test reports
Assessment of the compliance folder
Listing products on the official database of Bluetooth qualified products (both the QDL and EPL)
Please also note:
These services are also available for pre-qualification verification during product development.

Product safety

Our experienced product safety experts will help you choose the applicable directives and standards for your product. Moreover, our experts train designers to understand the requirements set by standards that critically affect product design. Reviews at the conceptual stage can save costs and speed up the product certification process since their effects are reflected in for example material choices and technology solutions.

When the maturity of your product is at a sufficient level, we perform official measurements on your product in our accredited laboratory ensuring that it meets the requirements of product safety standards. Once we get to examine the product at an early stage and be part of the design the official testing and country approvals should go smoothly.

Country specific approvals

Aiming for new unknown market? Outside the big markets such as EU and NA there are plenty of smaller ones with their own regulations that majorly affect product distribution in the country in question. Our experts will determine the requirements for your product and help you create necessary documents you need to enter the market with your product. Some target countries  require separate testing in local laboratories, while in the others existing test results and comprehensive paperwork alone are adequate.

Following the path instructed by our experts you do not have to worry about falling off the track or feeling overwhelmed by all the new information – we will be supporting you from the beginning till your product is ready for distribution.

Reliability testing

We have a long history of creating test plans for products of various categories. The test plan can be based on either standards or product specific testing. We support you straight from the beginning already from product development phase by clarifying what kind of conditions and operational stresses the product has to experience during its life cycle. (IN RELIABILITY TESTING) we can simulate the stress that occurs during product transportation, storage and in the end use circumstances. In order to truly see and understand how your product life cycle is going to be we are using cumulative testing to age your device. Furthermore, this helps to identify operational risks. Condition testing of the product can reveal structural weaknesses that can be modified to achieve a more durable product and prolong the product life cycle.

We are a team of solution-oriented professionals who strive for constant development.
We offer customer bespeak and flexible testing solutions to support your product development.
We listen to our customer’s wishes and needs, therefore we are looking constantly to expand our services to meet those needs.

Our mission is to enable your innovations to reach the world.