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Grant4Com is accredited test laboratory from Oulu, Finland (FINAS T290). Our operations are based on EN-ISO/IEC 17025 quality management system.

We enable access to the market for electronic devices. Wheter you aim to sell products locally or go global, we guarantee the product fulfills all the standards and requirements set by the target market. 

Expert services

Our specialists will help you resolve issues related to product testing, verification, and certification. Support of experts increases the cost-efficiency of product development.

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Product certification

Are you confused which requirements your product needs to comply with?

Our Grant4Com specialists have several decades of R&D experience in different fields, and can help you achieve your desired outcomes through result-based optimisation consulting. The test and certification experts will define certification requirements, testing needs and documentation, based upon your device specifications and target markets!

Bluetooth SIG approval

The Bluetooth Qualification Consultant (BQC) can provide you with guidance and information or manage your project for a smooth Bluetooth qualification. Having the right strategy and plans will reduce test time and qualification costs. Bluetooth Qualification is the process by which a member declares and demonstrates that their Bluetooth design complies with the requirements of the Qualification Program and Specifications.

The Bluetooth qualification grants the intellectual property license for use of the Bluetooth technology and allows the use of the Bluetooth trademarks. A Bluetooth Qualification Consultant (BQC) is an individual, recognized by the Bluetooth SIG, as an expert in understanding the qualification policy and process, and who can assist with the following services:

Available Services:
Bluetooth project management
Planning and defining the qualification strategy
Qualification walkthrough
Creation of Test Plans
Plan test activities
Expert assistance with design changes
Checking declarations and documents against the qualification and testing requirements
Reviewing product test reports
Assessment of the compliance folder
Listing products on the official database of Bluetooth qualified products (both the QDL and EPL)
Please also note:
These services are also available for pre-qualification verification during product development.

Product safety

Our portfolio includes product safety so that we can make sure that your product meets the safety requirements by considering them already during your design process. Understanding of safety requirements during the development process helps you to do the right choices of design solutions, components and materials.

We can also do the testing during the development phases to verify your design choices and accredited tests to certify your final product.

Contact us with your request to see how we can help you.

Country specific approvals

Products that are intended to be sold in various countries need to comply with the local requirements of regulations and standards. Areas like the EU follow the same approval schemes but others can have their own requirements and processes that can vary significantly.

Today’s products integrate many technologies and can be moved easily across borders. It is critical that a product is approved to be sold and be used in the target market countries and that all necessary certificate markings are in place.

We have great experience with country approval certifications and we cover a wide area of the global market, tracking all requirement changes .

We can help you get your product ready for almost any country around the globe ensuring that it complies with the local requirements and has all necessary markings.

Reliability testing

We can verify the reliability of your products. We offer failure analysis services to enable fast fact-based decision making and high quality products.

Depending on the phase of product development and life cycle, we can offer different services from design verification and robustness to subcontractor quality control.

Services for your success!

Failure Analysis approach
1. Type of equipment:

Grinding and polishing equipment
Metallurgy Microscopes
Stereo microscopes
2. Methods and Analyses:

Optical microscope analysis
Cross-sectional analyses
Structural analyses
3. Type of services:

Root cause analyses
Corrective / preventive action suggestions for design
Improvement ideas for design and solutions
Subcontractor quality control
Verify design and product robustness
Corrective action for production process
We are happy to provide more detailed information and make a proposal, how we, at Grant4Com can ensure the success of your product with objective and reliable analyses.


Grant4Com is an accredited test house offering a comprehensive portfolio of testing and certification services. Our services includes accredited and Pre-Compliance EMC Testing, as well as Safety, Reliability, Audio and Market Access services.
Accreditations indicate that our laboratories meets the qualification requirements of testing and calibration laboratories as defined in SFS-EN ISO / IEC 17025. See the accreditation scope here T290.