Testing services

Grant4Com is accredited test laboratory from Oulu, Finland (FINAS T290). Our operations are based on EN-ISO/IEC 17025 quality management system.

We enable access to the market for electronic devices. Whether you aim to sell products locally or go global we guarantee the product fulfills all the standards and requirements set by the target market. 

Testing services

Discover a wide array of available testing services that cover a multitude of needs throughout different phases of product development process.

Grant4com’s tailored testing services can assure your product maturity during development phases and give you full confidence for product launch.

Our predefined and custom-built test solutions are based on our many years of experience with conformance and test procedures and up-to-date technology know-how.

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EMC/RF -testaus

Every electronic device or system have impact on each other when being connected to one another or placed to a close proximity. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the electromagnetic compatibility according to EMC standards.
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing ensures 2 things: Firstly, that the electronic devices are not causing electromagnetic interferences to the environment.
Secondly, that the devices operates correctly when being near other devices.
EMC-directive 2014/30/EU is created in order to reliably evaluate electronical devices’ quality. In EU the devices manufacturer ensures that the product is in line with the EU directives that include EMC-directive by using the CE-label.
Given the fact that every electronic device influences each other, it is clear that design and testing according to EMC directive is relevant part of product development. Its neglection can cause delays and costs in the official measurements. In addition, EMC testing for electronic devices is part of North America’s requirements (FCC/ISED).
If the product has a radio such as Bluetooth or WLAN, in EU it must additionally fulfil the requirements for EMC, RF- and safety according to directive RED 2014/53/EU. North America’s FCC/ISED also include their own EMC and RF requirements for radio devices.
In addition to these two markets, there are plenty more country approvals and requirements that can partially utilize the earlier mentioned test results.
Our specialist will clarify what tests must your product pass in order to be in compliance with the required standards and regulations

Product safety

We have included safety testing in our portfolio so that we can test and verify the safety of your product. We have long experience from working with several safety standards.

We can do accredited electrical safety testing according to EN 61010-1 (Laboratory equipment) and EN 62368-1 audio/video, information and communication technology equipment and that can be performed as part of official testing for regulatory requirements.

Contact us with your request to see how we can help you.

Audio testing

We perform high-quality noise measurements produced by the equipment according to the following standards:

  • ISO 3744 sound power measurements
  • ISO 11201 sound pressure measurements

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Environmental testing

In our versatile environment testing laboratory we can test products in  various environment conditions. We can create different atmospheric conditions to simulate those the product will meet during the life cycle, like during transportation, storage and everyday use around the globe. These conditions can have for example temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure variations. Additionally we can test the effects of ultra violet light, salt mist and chemicals on the product materials.  By combining those with mechanical stress we can get a thorough understanding of how the product will survive in time.

Omitting  to understand the effects of environment to the product could be in the long run a source for warranty cases and expensive product improvements. Testing during the early stages of the design can provide important information for the development of your product.

If you need support for the creation of optimal reliability testing plan, please be in contact with us.

Mechanical testing

The mechanical testing induces appropriate stress to the product in the form of vibration, shock and drops depending on the product nature and use cases. We twist, bend, push and turn the product to simulate the expected situation that the product will have to survive.

For the creation of the reliability test plan we consider the product segments relevant standards or we can make a completely custom plan according to the customer’s requirements. That because for example mobile devices will need to go through much tougher conditions than fixed devices.


Life Cycle Testing

Risk management is an essential part of product development and environmental & mechanical stress testing are invaluable tools to support this work.

The life cycle testing is a combination of  environmental and mechanical testing in a cumulative test suite. The long exposure to mechanical stress in combination with carefully chosen environment conditions strain the components and the mechanical connections especially between different materials. Testing during the early stages of the design can provide important information about the materials and the design choices when it is still possible to make changes. Verification of those elements before the final choices are made can prevent any unplanned last minute changes that can be expensive and delay for the project.

Ingress protection (IP-classification) of enclosures

Ingress protection is an essential part in enclosure designing of electronical products. Without exception the ingress protection plays a role in devices function, life time expectation and reliability. Ingress protection is used when defining the sealing of enclosures in electrical- and electronical products.

Transportation package testing

It is almost impossible to avoid mechanical stress during transportation. Due to this in the design of the transport package it is necessary to consider shocks caused by package falling or vibrations enduced by transportation platforms.

Our experts are willing to help to determine the testing parameters to product and perform tests eccording to standards. These actions will help to evaluate product´s endurance during transportation.

Failure analyzes to support product development process

The cross-sections speed up the decision-making process and support the various stages of product development.

The cross-section of the product allows us to see the internal structures of the product without opening the product. The cross-section reveals to the designers, among other things, the actual tolerances and material deviations of the product structures. Cross-sections are made for both complete products as well as individual components.

The cross-section can be used to describe and measure the internal structures of the product with an accuracy of 10 μm – for example, the internal tensions of the circuit board or the quality of the solder balls of the components.


We are a team of solution-oriented professionals who strive for constant development.

We offer customer bespeak and flexible testing solutions to support your product development.

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