EU Responsible Person for CE mark


All companies that produce or import and sell CE-marked products according to new EU regulations must have assigned a “Responsible Person” in the EU before the 16th of July 2021. After this date it will be illegal to sell CE-marked products without an EU Responsible Person.

What does the Responsible Person have to do?

  • Collect the product’s EU Declaration of Conformity and any additional documents required to demonstrate conformity of the product can be made available upon request for audit, in a language understood by an authority
  • Inform authorities of any risk posed by the product
  • Cooperate with market surveillance authorities, including ensuring that the manufacturer or brand owner takes necessary corrective actions to remedy any non-compliance of the product.

Who can be an EU Responsible Person?

  • The manufacturer or brand, if they are established in the EU.
  • An importer who is established in the EU.
  •  An authorized representative established in the EU, who is appointed in writing as the Responsible Person by the manufacturer or brand.
  • A fulfilment service provider established in the EU.

All CE-marked products will have to be labelled with the contact information of the responsible person. The information could be on the product itself, or the packaging/parcel.

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