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What is the aim of design validation?

During any R&D process, what are the benefits of hardware testing and what is the goal of product validation?

The aim of design validation is to understand and analyze the design limits of product to achieve a better understanding of how it performs in real-world situations. It also provides feedback on potential design optimization before the final revision of the design gets produced. For example, wrong material/component choices or fault in mechanical parts tolerances can cause unexpected costs during product sales. Modification to product production line or hard tools is unwanted changes when product sales volume should be high level.

Product Production line kickoff is an important milestone for any R&D Company, but usually, all resources have been spent on the development process and the coffers are empty. There is no room for the huge cost caused design mistakes. This is Major Check Point especially for startups, whether they have they made the right choices as far.

But what happens after the sales kickoff?

Customers buy your product and start to construct their own opinion on it. Your company’s brand begins to be constructed.

But what is the value of Company brand? Who can calculate it?

Nobody can, at least accurately. But it can negatively be affected or even ruined in so many ways: Nothing is more expensive than failures found by the customer.

To avoid these hazards, professional testing during the R&D process is low cost compared to the risk of mistakes.

Grant4Com services

In Grant4Com, we have a long experience in product validation from high technology mobile IoT devices to complex military equipment. With our long experience, we can produce reliable and accurate testing results during the product development process from the product conception phase to the end of the device life-cycle. By performing all testing (Mechanical/Environmental/EMC/Safety/CE/FCC/Country approvals) in the professional laboratory, product developers can focus they own special work.

Professional reliability test plan

Experienced testing specialists in the Grant4Com can create optimized test plans according to product quality requirements and life cycle environment. By performing tailored test plan is essential to know the details of the product (-design, -materials, -processing procedures, -sales countries, -environment, -expected lifetime, -use cases, -holding systems etc.) The test plan is a combination of environmental conditions, -parameters and effective stress tests, based on product quality targets. With advanced Grant4Com´s testing equipment, devices will be tested in storage, transportation and operating conditions against a variety of IEC, ISO, ASTM, MILS standards.

Our customized test plan includes following mechanical and environmental elements with product unique requirement.

Climatic Environment Test

  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Change of temperature
  • Thermal Shock
  • Damp heat, steady-state
  • Damp heat, cyclic
  • Composite temperature/humidity cyclic
  • etc.

Dynamic/Force Environment Test

  • Vibration Test
  • Mechanical Shock Test
  • Bump Test
  • Drop Test
  • Ball drop
  • ISTA Transport Packaging Test
  • etc.

Component / Product Reliability Test

  • Ageing Test
  • HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test)
  • 85°C, 85 % RH.
  • etc.

Industry/Outdoor Environment Test

  • Ingress Protection (Dustproof & Waterproof)
  • Solar Radiation
  • Salt Mist
  • UV Test
  • Low air pressure
  • etc.

Mechanical Stress Test

  • Mating and Un-mating Force
  • Abrasion
  • Press/Bending/twisting
  • Cable Flexing Test Procedure for Electrical Connectors
  • Button/Connector Lifetime
  • Electrical Connectors and Contacts
  • etc.


Implementing a professional test process, design house will speed up product development phases by getting real-time maturity information of your design solutions and with deeply analyzed test results, you can be sure about your product quality over the lifetime and ensure your competitiveness on the market.

Outcomes of experienced testing services

  • Positive company image and successful business
  • Robust design leads to sustainable life-cycle of a product
  • Efficient R&D costs
  • Satisfied customers and minimized warranty costs

More support for reliability testing,

Mona Hämeenaho, tel: +38503878459

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Grant4Com is accredited test laboratory from Oulu, Finland (FINAS T290). Our operations are based on EN-ISO/IEC 17025 quality management system.

We enable access to the market for electronic devices. Wheter you aim to sell products locally or go global, we guarantee the product fulfills all the standards and requirements set by the target market.

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