On 16.07.2021 the application of the market surveillance regulation (EU) 2019/1020 started, what does it mean?

The manufacturer must now have a designated Responsible Person established in the EU if the product is sold directly in the EU without the use of an importer or distribution service provider. More information is available on our blog EU Responsible Person for CE and UKCA mark.

 Why is the CE marking obligatory for every product sold in European Union market?

CE marking enables free transportation of products into the EU market. By having the CE mark on the product, the manufacturer guarantees that the product complies with the EU directives and regulations.

How much does the testing for the CE marking cost?

The cost of the testing varies depending on whether the product uses radio technology, the number of used bands and the external connections of the device.
The test plan and the testing costs are based on the combination of the factors mentioned above, and on the chosen standards and specifications.

How much time do I need to reserve for the CE testing?

The testing and reporting can take from 3-6 weeks, depending on the testing plan and the factors listed above. The sooner you book your tests, the easier it is to find the most suitable test slots for your schedule.

How can I reserve a testing period for my project from Grant4Com?

Start by asking for a quotation from our sales a good time before the date you have in mind (for testing). You can do that by filling the online form, via email or simply calling our sales department. Contact information can be found here.
After we receive your order, we will contact you and reserve the testing period for you.

How many samples are required for the official measurements?

The final amount of the samples depends on the testing plan. Typically, the amount is around 2-6 samples.

How do I prepare the samples for the official measurements?

We will always send you detailed instructions on how to prepare your samples for testing since the preparations vary a lot between different projects.
Usually, the devices need an appropriate testing software that enables the device to be set up to the wanted testing mode. Radio devices need to be equipped with RF cables according to our instructions.

Is CE marking mandatory?

If the product is to be sold in the European market, the CE approval is mandatory. CE approval proves that the device fulfils the requirements of current EU directives and regulations. This enables free transportation of the products between EU member states.

Who signs the Declaration of Conformity, DoC?

Declaration of Conformity, or DoC in short, will be signed by the manufacturer company’s entitled person.

10. Who is responsible for product safety?
For products manufactured in Europe, the manufacturer is responsible for the safety of the product and the product’s compliance with the directives and regulations.
For the products manufactured outside the EU, the distributor or importer of the product is the one responsible that the product fulfils the EU requirements and for the delivery of the required documents if asked.

Is reliability testing mandatory?

Environmental or mechanical testing is not mandatory. Reliability testing aims to prolong the lifecycle of a product by identifying plausible problems or errors in the design of the product that may impair the product’s performance in action. A professional testing plan is cost efficient and assures customer satisfaction and reduces warranty costs.
Selling inappropriately tested or untested products implies that the manufacturer takes unnecessary risks.

What certifications and approvals do I need for my product in the North American market?

The certification required for products to be sold in the USA is called FCC. The testing and approval process for FCC varies, depending whether the device uses radio technology or not. In Canada, the required certification is called ISED and its testing process varies also depending on the device’s usage of radio technology.
If the device has radio technology, the approval follows a so-called certification procedure. 
If there is no radio technology involved, the approval can be done following the sDoC (supplier declaration of conformity) procedure. The approval processes in the USA and Canada are very similar, yet independent and thus shouldn’t be confused with each other.

I have a product but I have no clue where to begin with the certification process. What to do?

We at Grant4Com are here to help you. You can contact us at contact@grant4com.fi

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