Failure Analysis Laboratory

Grant4Com Failure Analysis Laboratory provides a wide range of analysis services for the needs of many branches of industry. Chemistry and physics of traditional and novel materials often cause unpleasant surprises during product development, but including the expertise of Failure Analysis Laboratory in the project from an early phase can help ensure your product does not end up in the laboratory for less pleasant reasons. Failure Analysis Laboratory services combine wonderfully with environmental and mechanical testing, so consider booking an hour or two for PFA as well when you plan for those.

    Failure Analysis Laboratory and Problem Solving Services

  • Inorganic material identification and quality asurance
  • Thorough teardowns with photography, competitor analysis
  • Failure root cause analysis
  • Corrosion detection, impurities, quality issues, soldering, microphotography
  • Glass and metal fracturing analysis
  • Cross sections of components or whole devices
  • Corrosion tracing, material choices
  • Metallurgical analyses: crystal structure, work hardening, welds
  • Cutting, cold mounting, grinding and polishing of samples for microscopy, SEM or other methods
  • Inorganic material identification, quality checks, plating integrity checks
  • SEM services with EDS
  • Gold sputter and carbon coating options, though XVP mode usually enables analysis without coating
  • Ultra-high resolution imaging down to nanometer scale
  • Visualization of distribution of chemical elements (SEM-EDS)
  • Elemental constitution of samples (down to 0.1 – 1 wt-%)

Please note that Failure Analysis Laboratory may also have answers to potentially very difficult questions concerning electrical, chemical and physical behavior of your products – knowledge, potentially fresh points of view, fact-digging and problem solving are available at a standard hourly fee.

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