Grant4Com Services

  • Test Services
  • Acceptance & certification services
  • Consulting & Expert Services

Grant4Com offers a wide variety of services necessary in successful product development projects. Working together with you, we help identifying project needs and provide solutions tailored to meet those needs. Requirements placed by regulatory authorities and any relevant standards are tailored into the test plans and designs early on to ensure fast, smooth progress.

Our services cover the entire project life from product concept to end of sales, as a complete package or smaller bits and pieces here and there, whichever suits you best.

Grant4Com Service Concept

    1. Study of the requirements
    2. Planning the test and approval plans
    3. R&D phase testing activities
    4. Tailored testing and approval services
    5. Approvals and certifications
    6. Global Market Access

EMC and RF Test Services

Grant4Com has large EMC and RF testing service portfolio...

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Mechanical and Environmental Services

Grant4Com offers a wide range of mechanical and environmental tests...

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Bluetooth® Qualification Services

Grant4Com’s experienced Bluetooth Qualification Expert (BQE) can provide you guidance and information...

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Market Access Service

Before new products are allowed to be brought to market, proper...

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Audio Services

Grant4Com offers a wide variety of standard and customized audio tests and State-of-the-art testing facilities...

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Product Development Services

With our services you can create products that offer new or additional benefits to the end user...

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PFA Services

Grant4Com Failure Analysis Laboratory provides a wide range of analysis services...

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LabView Services

Grant4Com offers limited LabView capabilities to automatize or extend practically any other tests...

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