Bluetooth Qualification Consultant (BQC)

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The Bluetooth Qualification Consultant (BQC) can provide you with guidance and information or manage your project for a smooth Bluetooth qualification. Having the right strategy and plans will reduce test time and qualification costs. Bluetooth Qualification is the process by which a member declares and demonstrates that their Bluetooth design complies with the requirements of the Qualification Program and Specifications.

The Bluetooth qualification grants the intellectual property license for use of the Bluetooth technology and allows the use of the Bluetooth trademarks. A Bluetooth Qualification Consultant (BQC) is an individual, recognized by the Bluetooth SIG, as an expert in understanding the qualification policy and process, and who can assist with the following services:

Available Services:

  • Bluetooth project management
  • Planning and defining the qualification strategy
  • Qualification walkthrough
  • Creation of Test Plans
  • Plan test activities
  • Expert assistance with design changes
  • Checking declarations and documents against the qualification and testing requirements
  • Reviewing product test reports
  • Assessment of the compliance folder
  • Listing products on the official database of Bluetooth qualified products (both the QDL and EPL)

Please also note:
These services are also available for pre-qualification verification during product development.

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Bluetooth Qualification Consultant (BQC)

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