Accredited test services

Grant4Com is accredited test laboratory from Oulu, Finland (FINAS T290). Our operations are based on EN-ISO/IEC 17025 quality management system.

We enable access to the market for electronic devices. Wheter you aim to sell products locally or go global, we guarantee the product fulfills all the standards and requirements set by the target market. 

Accredited test services

Grant4Com is accredited testing laboratory based in Oulu. Our scope of accreditation for EMC/RF and safety testing is found from FINAS T290.

Grant4Com’s accredited test results are proof of compliance for your sales countries entry requirements.

If you do not know what standard and requirements you need to fulfill, our certification specialists can create the certification plan and strategy for you. With these as a guide you can walk through this labyrinth of requirements and make the type approval process straight forward.

Our experienced test professionals can provide you with worldwide regulatory approvals and certification services for a wide variety of equipment and technologies. 

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EMC/RF -testing

Every electronic device or system have impact on each other when being connected to one another or placed to a close proximity. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the electromagnetic compatibility according to EMC standards.
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing ensures 2 things: Firstly, that the electronic devices are not causing electromagnetic interferences to the environment.
Secondly, that the devices operates correctly when being near other devices.
EMC-directive 2014/30/EU is created in order to reliably evaluate electronical devices’ quality. In EU the devices manufacturer ensures that the product is in line with the EU directives that include EMC-directive by using the CE-label.
Given the fact that every electronic device influences each other, it is clear that design and testing according to EMC directive is relevant part of product development. Its neglection can cause delays and costs in the official measurements. In addition, EMC testing for electronic devices is part of North America’s requirements (FCC/ISED).
If the product has a radio such as Bluetooth or WLAN, in EU it must additionally fulfil the requirements for EMC, RF- and safety according to directive RED 2014/53/EU. North America’s FCC/ISED also include their own EMC and RF requirements for radio devices.
In addition to these two markets, there are plenty more country approvals and requirements that can partially utilize the earlier mentioned test results.
Our specialist will clarify what tests must your product pass in order to be in compliance with the required standards and regulations

Product safety

We have included safety testing in our portfolio so that we can test and verify the safety of your product. We have long experience from working with several safety standards.

We can do accredited electrical safety testing according to EN 61010-1 (Laboratory equipment) and EN 62368-1 (audio/video, information and communication technology equipment and that can be performed as part of official testing for regulatory requirements.

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